Know Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws And Help Your Four-legged Friend

why do dogs lick their paws
why do dogs lick their paws

At times, you see that your puppy is licking his/her paws unnecessarily and continuously,especially by losing the interests around it. This annoying issue often happens and changing their behavior creates an annoying issue for you. Sometimes, you can see that it happen suddenly and many times he/she is habituated with it. Moreover, the chewing on paws is another irritating issue for you in front of your neighbors. However, if you have a pup, then you might have doubts regarding why do dogs lick their paws? However, this article will help you a lot to solve this irritating issue immediately.

Possible Causes For Sudden Licking And Chewing

There are ample reasons that are responsible why do dogs lick their paws. However, we are going to discuss the possible reasons along with the remedies. So, you can try out the steps to control the dog’s licking as well as chewing behavior.


You might notice of the movements of your buddy’s fur. If you find any tiny bugs bouncing on the skin and fur, make sure that your buddy is effected from the fleas. If your pet is a good groomer, then it tries to remove the bugs by licking them.

Moreover, you can notice that your doggy is licking the lower back as well as its paws unconsciously. It is the strong indication of the Fleas which is the responsible factor for scratching and licking the paws. Other parasites include tricks and ringworm can also prompt the licking and chewing habit among dogs.

Process To Prevent:

Brush the fur of your dog with a fine-toothed metal comb from head to tail while you see the above symptoms. In the case of the severe issue, you must comb several times a day.  Now, dip that combo into the lukewarm water to kill the fleas. The regular comb removes the adult fleas along with the eggs and gives a relief your little pet from itching problem.


Sometimes, you might notice that our dogy starts licking his/her paws after taking the meal. Make sure that you don’t give any allergic foods. If not, then the dust, excessive dirty environment develops this allergic reaction.

As a result, the dogs start to lick and chew the paws, and tails continuously. Many times, the skin irritation starts if they come across the substances like pesticides or soaps which are harmful to their body as well as skin.

Process To Recover This Problem:

You need to clean the hair of your pet’s body by a comb. Moreover, it is one of the healthier habits for your doggy. It will keep safe from all allergic effects.

Dry Skin

Various factors are responsible for this dry skin issue. It includes the winter season. Like human beings, they also suffer from dry skin problem. So, they start licking the paws and other body parts to moisturize accordingly.

Besides this, the fatty acid deficiencies can cause the skin disease of your doggy. Then, your pet feels discomfort and express ownself by licking and scratching the fur or the skin.

Method To Overcome:

Include a healthy diet with your pet’s meal regularly. It will hydrate your buddy and remove dry skin problem easily. Moreover, try to use the moisturizer available in the market, especially in the Winter season. Still, if your doggy suffers from the itching problem, then consult with a veteran for better results.

Boredom And Anxiety

Sometimes, you can see that your buddy is licking the paws and tails without noticing anything around him. Not only that but also it starts to bite the nails as well as twirl hair. It indicates that your little pet is somehow upset psychologically. The mental disorder or the disturbance of the mental health manifest themselves scratching, licking and chewing the paws.

Precaution For Anxiety:

  • You need to take care of your pet properly. Sometimes, a slight ignorance affects their minds. Therefore, you need to provide hem a better company which may reduce their boredom.

  • You have to check up on a frequent basis if your dog’s mental health problem occurs. Because, it has a bad effect on heir behaviors such as eating behavior, playing, etc. As a result, it becomes lazy and weak due to mental disorder.

Hormonal Imbalances

Imbalances of the hormonal levels are another responsible factor behind your pet’s licking issue. If the thyroid hormone producing becomes lesser than its level or stops somehow, then putting out too much cortisol creates this kind of issue often. Moreover, it creates superficial skin infections on the dog’s skin. Therefore, you might notice the spots on the skin. As a result, the dog starts to suffer the itching [roblem and licks the affected area for getting relief.

  • Check up your buddy on a regular basis. Otherwise, you won’t able to survive the hormonal imbalance problem.

  • You need to give the vaccination on a frequent basis. As a result, it protects your doggy’s health from dangerous diseases cause the hormonal imbalance problem. Moreover, it will increase the immunity power of the puppy. So, you need to pay attention at the very easily age of the doggy.


Sometimes, you can see that your dog starts to lick his/her paws frequently. Then, confirm that your pet gets stuck with a sharp stone or he could have a throne on his foot pad. So, your buddy becomes physically uncomfortable due to this unbearable pain. So, they start to chewing or licking that affect area very consciously. Moreover, it becomes weak and lazy to response while you are calling them or giving them food. The major diseases include orthopedic problems including arthritis. However, there are certain steps to remove this problem, you may try them out if necessary.

Removal Technique:

  • You need to use the first aid to cure the dog’s affected area and in case of the emergency, you need to go to an experienced veteran. Moreover, you must take care of your puppy. You need to guide how to save himself and give the proper grooming tips from its early age.

  • Regular or weekly using of the supplements to boost the immunity power of the pets.

  • You need to provide healthy food which balances the internal immune level of the dog. So, they can boost up energy itself as well as the growing power.

How To Stop Dog Licking Paws

There are various ways to fix the licking issue and make healthier your pet.

Provide Carbohydrate Food Without Sugar

Deficiency of the carbohydrates is responsible for dogs’ weakness, anxiety as well as the depression. On the other hand, the overgrowth of the yeast increases the dog’s crazy levels. The chances of the yeast infection become high if you include the high carbonate foods in their meals. Not only that but also you need to give the substitute food which can be used instead of sugar.

Choose the carb foods beacuse sugar boots up the yeast infection level. To reduce the migration of the yeast throughout the Dogs’ nervous system as well as digest system, choose the carb food without sugar as sugar is the most favorite food of the yeast. Again, the systemic yeast always shows up in the ears, paws, on the skin of your buddy as they travel from beyond the gut track.

Change Food Chart

You need to pay the attention to the food quality of your pet. You have to choose the high-quality fish oil supplements which include Vitamin A, B12, etc. It will improve our dog’s eye-sight and overall health. The fish oil will help to increase the strength level as well as will take care of the immune system.

You need to include the foods which consume more fatty acids that help to remove the alergiateic infections, diseases easily. Moreover, drinking of plenty of water dehydrates the doggy’s body. As a result, the skin diseases are reduced automatically and keep your puppy healthy.

Use Vaporizer

Using a steam vaporizer or humidifier helps to reduce the chances of allergy. Therefore, your doggy’s dry skin problem will be removed by this moisturizing process. Moreover, it also prevents the dog’s nasal passage issue. Otherwise,  your little pet often faces this nasal clogging issue with mucus. After applying it, you need to clean the humidifier gently to avoid the irritation and itchiness.

Treatment With Iodine

First, make a foot soak with the warm water and the Povidone Iodine. This non-toxic solution works as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial as well as anti-east. So, soak your dog’s feet into the solution a minute. Keep in mind that the water should be lukewarm, otherwise it can be harmful to your buddy. However, dry up the paws with a towel and apply an ointment (recommend by a doctor) or can use the oil such as olive or coconut oil directly on it. It will keep moisturizing their paws all day.

Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

You can apply the spray of the apple cider vinegar on the dog’s paw as well as on the skin. If you apply it to the open wounds, it would be painful for your pet. However, you may add 1 tablespoon vinegar and it will be better than other technique. Moreover, food consumes the apple cider very quickly, the result comes within a week.

Balance pH Level

To restore the natural pH level, you need to mix the Epsom salt with warm water and let your dog soak for 30 minutes. Moreover, it kills the bacteria that is responsible for inflammation. The baking soda helps to soothe their feet as well as remove itching and discomfort problem. Additionally, it has a positive effect on a dog’s behavior.

Coconut Oil

While you see that your buddy is licking his/her paws obsessively, then try to rub the coconut oil on affected areas. It will help to moisturize your puppy’s feet and will create a positive impact while the yeast bacterial effect causes itching problem. It is a very easy process but you should maintain it regularly after a bath of your little buddy.


why do dogs lick their paws

In the above context, you get an idea on how to treat with your doggy and keep them healthy. From this article, you know the reason why do dogs lick their paws and chew obsessively. Moreover, you et multiple was to change this bad habit. We hope those home remedies will guide you how to stop dog licking paws easily. Again, you need to consult with an experienced vet as well as from pet care while you are facing a significant health issue.

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