The Best Flea And Tick Prevention For Dogs That Will Work: The Ultimate 2018 Guide

Taking the best care of your pet may not just be feeding, bathing and going out for a walk. Dogs also have other serious issues that a dog owner must definitely take care of. The prevention of flea and ticks is the most important care so that the dog remains fit and healthy.

Well, it’s no fun to remove the fleas and ticks from your pet dog from time to time. However, in this article, we will help you make your work easier and efficient.

It is very important to remove these fleas and ticks because with time it may cause some disease. Therefore, to remove them from their roots, follow the rest of the article. In this article, you will get many different methods and products to efficiently remove the fleas and ticks.

Some Prevention Methods To Remove Fleas and Ticks For Dogs

Here, in this section, we are going to discuss some prevention tricks to remove fleas and ticks from your pet dog. Follow each and every method to get the best results.

Spot-on Treatments

Spot-on medications are widely available for dogs around the world. These medications can work efficiently to kill all types of fleas and ticks. For taking the medication, please refer to your veterinarian. They have all types of medications and guidelines to follow so that you can easily remove the fleas and ticks in an effective manner. Moreover, these medications are also effective in keeping away parasites for up to the mouth.

While these medications are the best prevention treatments, you still need to be sure that which type of medicine you will use. Additionally, make sure that you read all the instructions and labels carefully. Also, talk to your veterinarian before you apply these medications to your pet dog.

Oral Medications

The next method of oral medications is also good for fleas and ticks prevention. For oral medications, pills are available in the market. These medications work to destroy the life cycle of the fleas and ticks in dogs. They are very easy to give it to dogs.


Medicated ingredients shampoo can be used while you bathe your pet dog. These shampoo containing medication can kill fleas and ticks to a great extent. During the peak flea and tick season, apply the shampoo on your pet dog as it is inexpensive and easy to apply.

To get the best results, apply the shampoo on a regular basis about once every week. However, shampoos won’t last long as a spot-on or oral treatment lasts.

Ticks Dips

Moving on to the next method is tick dips. Dips are concentrated chemical solutions that dilute in water. After dilution, it is then applied to the dog’s fur by using a sponge or directly pouring on its back. In this treatment, the dip is not washed away after application. Additionally, the chemicals in the dip are so strong that can harm you and your dog. So be sure that you carefully read the instruction on the labels before application on your pet dog.

Moreover, you cannot use the dips for puppies and pregnant dogs. It is always better to ask for advice while treating pregnant and nursing pets.

Tick Collars

For more additional prevention take the help of collars that repel fleas and ticks. However, they will only protect the head and neck of your pet dog from fleas and ticks. The tick collar comes in contact with the skin of your pet dog and then transfers the chemical on the fur and skin. Keeping a room of two fingers tie the tick collar around your dog’s neck. This is the most effective method to tie a collar around the neck of dogs.

Additionally, you need to cut any extra length of the tick collar so that your pet dog does not chew it up. In case, of allergies wait for some time to watch the signs of discomfort like excessive scratching, etc. While choosing the right tick collar, be careful and do read the labels and instruction before buying it.


Flea and tick powders are another topical medication that you should try. They are effective in the killing and repelling fleas and ticks from your pet dogs. Application of these powders needs the most care from the dog owner. The powder must be labelled for dogs and must be specific to the age of your pet dog. Moreover, the label on the powder must indicate that the product kills fleas and ticks on dogs.

However, this powder contains fine particles that irritate mouth and lungs if inhaled. Therefore, apply small quantities and gently rub on the skin of your pet dog. Eyes and face must be covered while applying the tick powder on your dog. Also, apply the powder regularly like once in a week.

Tick Sprays

Like the tick powder, tick spray is another topical medication application. Tick spray also kills and provides residual protection from fleas and ticks. You can use the spray in between shampoos and dips, taking care not to apply on the eyes and face of your pet dog. Also, take care that the products are not applied to other animals in the house.

Treat Your Lawn And House

Trimming your bushes, lawn and trees will keep the population of fleas and ticks in check in your backyard. If there is less space for these insects to breed, then there will be fewer of them. Additionally, you can contact your local garden centre and veterinarian for household and yard sprays.

Just be careful while you use these types of products as they can harm animals and humans. If you are not confident enough to handle these types of chemicals, then you can take the help of experts to spray the chemicals in your area to control the fleas and ticks.

Examine Your Dog(s)

After a romp outside in areas of fleas and ticks dwellers, check your pet dog thoroughly for any signs of fleas and ticks. You can look between the inside of the ears and between the toes and armpits. Moreover, search around the neck and deep inside the fur for fleas and ticks. If you find that the fleas and ticks are present on your pet dog, then it should be removed immediately and carefully.

Keep Dog(s) Indoors

You can keep the dog indoors away from fleas and ticks. Moreover, you can take your dog outside for one or two times a day. Keeping your dog outside for long hours is not good for your dog. Even though you take your dog for a short walk, you have to thoroughly check your pet dog. If you take prevention before-hand, then you have the minimal risk of fleas and ticks attack on your pet dog.

10 Best Flea And Tick Prevention Products For Dogs That You Can Try

As we have discussed the ways and methods that you can apply to prevent your dog from fleas and tick, now we move the next part of the article. This section of the article will highlight the products for fleas and ticks prevention for your pet dogs.

From this list below, you may take a different number of combination of products to get the best result you want. Additionally, you can combine your spot-on treatment with flea and tick spray at your home.

Moreover, also consider pairing PetArmorPro or Advantix and the natural Avara collar. The drops will help to kill off the insects when they try to bite. While the collar will help to keep away the fleas and ticks resulting in the difference maker in some cases.

Two factors that you can consider while buying the best flea and tick prevention products for your pet dog. First thing first, that you must buy the right volume for the weight of your dog. Buying for an adult dog thinking that the product reaction will be stronger will not work. Second, for fighting the infection, you have to treat all animals present in your house and not just the affected one.

Moreover, some things show results very slowly, so try not to get discouraged if the products don’t work. Keep experimenting till you find the right choice of products that suit your area and pet’s habits. Finally, the list below is not in order of performance and is presented in number format for the ease of usage.

If you want to get full protection from fleas and ticks for your pet dog, then follow these 10 great choices to keep your pet free from pests.

1. PetArmorPro: The Most Advanced Flea And Tick Prevention

This product when applied on your dog will help to prevent bits by both flea and ticks. Additionally, the product kills and repels the insects as well as destroys chewing lice and mites. This product isn’t for application on 8 weeks old or below puppies. To be given once a month to your dog, so there is no fight with your dog to take its pill. The product shows its action within 24 hours of application. The dosage of these products is based on the weight of the dog.

Pros: Easy and quick application, works on all types of parasites, pests, and insects, dosage at once per month.

Cons: Major chances of wash off on the day of application.

2. Sentry Fiproguard Plus Flea And Tick Repellent For Dogs

This product consists of fipronil, methoprene as the active ingredients which is also used in Frontline Plus. You can simply order this product online as it does not require any prescription. The product kills fleas and their larvae and also chewing lice and ticks. The price of the product varies on the amount and the obvious weight of your pet dog.

Pros: Can destroy the eggs and larvae of both fleas and ticks, waterproof and it is available for all sizes of dogs.

Cons: Not as effective as Frontline Plus medication product, does not show positive results in some cases.

3. Frontline Plus Flea And Tick Control For Dogs

This product provides a fast action control over fleas and ticks. The product is effective in killing all life stages of 4 species of ticks. It makes a great choice for your dog no matter what your dog’s weight is and where you live. Available in multi-packets, the Frontline Plus lasts for about 30 days. Using Frontline Plus along with Advantix is one of the best combinations of topical treatments which is available in the market.

Pros: Very popular among all brands in the market, long-lasting and waterproof product.

Cons: Expensive in its class, loses effectiveness with time.

4. K9 Advantix II Flea And Tick Treatment

Capable of killing adult fleas, their eggs, and larvae, Advantix works rapidly and can prevent the fleas from biting your pet dog within a few minutes. Having a lifespan of 30 days, the product kills 98 to 100 per cent of fleas on dogs within 12 hours of application. If you found the fleas and ticks lately, then this is a great product to use. Advantix is also effective against other pests like ticks and mosquitoes. You can easily use this product year-round without facing any difficulty. As a warning, if you have cats in your house, then avoid this product. The product contains permethrin which is injurious to the health of cats even in small amounts.

Pros: Keeps mosquitoes by acting rapidly, stays with your pet dog during bathing and swimming.

Cons: Higher pricing with an active permethrin ingredient, permethrin is lethal for cats, also not an effective topical treatment for some dog owners.

5. Seresto Flea and Tick Collar For Your Pet Dog

Topical medications work good for some, but they aren’t for every single dog out there. If your dog shows no result or cannot tolerate topical medication, then this collar can be a good alternative.

Again the active element in this product is flumethrin, a chemical insecticide. Flea collars are becoming better than ever, providing the same level of protection as other treatments provide. Moreover, the collar works for 8 months which is more than a 6 months topical treatment. The product also comes at the same price as that of the topical treatment.

Pros: Have a lifespan of eight months, water resistant, less messy than topical treatment.

Cons: Can be pulled off easily, can work well with other treatments.

6. Vet’s Best Natural Flea And Tick Wipes

Despite being a natural product with no insecticide in it, Vet works surprisingly well for dogs. If you are not good at drop-based solutions, then these Vat’s wipes can be an efficient alternative. The product kills fleas and eggs and ticks with its all-natural peppermint oil and eugenol (a clove plant derivative). Repelling mosquitoes, it also coats the fur of your pet dog. Additionally, the product provides an extra benefit as it cleans and deodorizes your pet dog’s skin.

Pros: All-natural with no insecticides, can wipe home surfaces as well as on dog’s skin, also it cleans the dog’s coat.

Cons: Not as long-lasting as like the drop treatments, wipes must come in contact with fleas and ticks in order to destroy them.

7. Insect Shield Safety Vest For Dogs

In this approach, we have now come to the Shield Safety Vest for Dogs. Permethrin, the most important ingredient of the product Advantix above, along with the fabric forms a breathable vest. This vest is effective in forming a physical barrier which prevents the biting fleas and ticks from entering your pet dog’s fur. The product is also good in repelling mosquitoes and flies.

Moreover, the product is odourless and lasts as long as the garment lasts. For the safety of your pet dog, the garment contains high-visibility colours and reflective tapes. For any other alternatives, you can try out the Dog Not Gone for the pest repellent vests.

Pros: This permethrin material prevents biting insects, a physical and chemical barrier for protection, reflective tapes for dog’s safety, comes with seven sizes and two colours.

Cons: Insect bites are still possible as it doesn’t treat the skin directly, part of the belly is still exposed for the fleas and ticks to attack, some dogs don’t like to wear it.

8. Natural Chemistry Flea And Tick Squeeze-On

Just as the Vet’s wipes, this product is an all-natural medicine which will work like that of the typical monthly drops. Containing mint oil, cinnamon oil, and lemongrass oil as the main active ingredients, this treatment works as same as its chemical counterparts. Cheap pricing than its chemical counterparts, the product comes out as the best alternative to the chemical medications. The dosage of this product is for dogs of 25 to 50 pounds of weight. Moreover, the company provides a spray for external treatment.

Pros: No insecticides with an all-natural solution, lasting for a month it is safe all ages of dogs, it uses the same drop treatment method.

Cons: Same as that of chemical insecticides, provides preventive effect rather than controlling the pests, messy as like the topical treatment.

9. Arava Flea & Tick Control Collar For Dogs

After following the Seresto product, this collar emits all-natural oil from its solution which will stay with your pet dog. The wipes and the spot-on treatment may fade out slowly, but the Arava Control Collar will emit oil until it gets changed. Cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint, citronella, and cedarwood oils are the main and active ingredients of the product.

Pros: No insecticides, waterproof and long-lasting, does not harm children.

Cons: To make this product work you have to treat your home, and smells very bad.

10. Novartis Capstar Flea And Ticks Prevention Tablets For Dogs

Fleas are tenacious, and many a time, as a dog owner, you need to get quick and drastic action. So when the other treatment drops fail to deliver their result, many dog owners now accepts Capster as an option to combat the insects. The product starts its action, and within four hours it kills all adult fleas and ticks. Providing a quick result by controlling the fleas and ticks.

For the dosage, you can give these once a day and after that a drop treatment for getting better results. If you want to go for a cheaper one, then you can try Capguard by Sentry.

Pros: Within four hours all insects are killed, the dosage is once per day, can be given as a treat with other pills.

Cons: Needs to be in a combination of other treatments and may be ineffective against ticks.

So to conclude, the quick and effective way to prevent fleas and ticks is by sticking and applying to one of the methods above. There are many efficient prevention medicines and products, but you can stick to one which provides the best results. Act as fast as you can to keep your pet dog safe from any unwanted future problems. Hope that you find this article valuable enough. You can provide your feedback in the comments below.

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