Simplicef For Dogs: Is It Simply Safe For Dogs?

simplicef for dogs
simplicef for dogs

“Dogs are our best of friends”, is a popular as well as one of those quotes which never fails to establish itself. Even when it comes to petting, dogs are the first choice for the mass far and wide. Not only this, but you would be fascinated to learn that the ancestry of dogs has always served as the most loyal pets for us if you backtrack. But, when it comes to adopting any animal we should never refrain from the huge task of responsibility till the animal is breathing. To justify it, we can only say that it is you who adopted them. Moreover, animals are always great wild and free.

If you have a dog with you, you would be familiar with the infections in dogs. They experience it now and then just like us. Antibiotics for dogs also seem wonders to get them up and running. Simplicef is one such antibiotic for dogs. Many are aware of this medicine but many of you are having a bundle of questions about it. Hence, we thought to clear out the confusion by plain and lucid information.

Simplicef: An Overview

As mentioned Simplicef is an antibiotic approved by the FDA exclusively to be used on dogs. It is an antibiotic which provides a significant antimicrobial action against the bacteria. Among the bacteria, the Gram-positive and the Gram Negative species of bacteria are efficiently dispelled.

These tablets have Cefpodoxime, which is the 3rd generation of antibiotic similar to the antimicrobials which go for cephalosphorins. This drug is a multipurpose one for the infection of your dog. It has been tried and tested in case of several infections.

So, if you are upset with your dog suffering from a respiratory tract infection, an infection of the skin. Furthermore, if any infection of the ears or the urinary tract is bothering your dog, you can use Simplicef. As it is formulated in tablets, the vet recommends it once a day. You have to use this for 5-7 days or for a more precise practice, you better check with your vet. Please keep in mind that you don’t offer it to your cat if you have got one.

Some of the Diseases And Their Symptoms

You can use Simplicef when you see any of these diseases which your dog might suffer from. You can easily identify them if you go through the diseases and symptoms mentioned below:

Infections Of The Skin

Your dog, just like yourself, is not immune to skin infections. They, in fact, are vulnerable to a host of microorganisms which might prove fatal. The entry of these microorganisms which are resting on their skin is through the cuts and wounds which they often get. This result in infections.

The skin infective microorganisms in dogs are of the Staphylococcus species. Escherichia coli, Proteus mirabilis, Pasteurella multocida etc. But, fortunately, Cefpodoxime manages them only too well.

Infections Of The Respiratory Tract

Your dog might be low on immunity and thus, may develop pneumonia and bronchitis commonly. The primary defense mechanism of your dog might also fail just like human beings. As the malicious organisms enter your dog, consequently a series of inflammatory process is triggered. This again might lead to a full-blown respiratory tract infection.

Escherichia coli, Pasteurella multocida, Streptococcus Zooepidemicus among the others are often held responsible.

Infections Of The Urinary Tract

If your dog doesn’t drink enough water, know that it is rather bad for him/her. This actually results in the microorganisms remaining. Moreover, if they drink an appropriate amount of water, it can flush them out of their system. The causative agents of UTI in dogs are mostly E-coli, Proteus, Klebsiella etc.

Ear Infections

You should look out for the persistent scratching of your dog’s ears. Though, it can mean a lot of things. Still, if the scratching is accompanied by a distinctive odor or secretions. Then, it is an ear infection of your dog.

The canine ear infections result from Proteus, Escherichia species and the Streptococci species.

Simplicef: As It Works

Simplicef, if we break down, its working is quite similar to the other cephalosphorins. However, the antibacterial spectrum of this drug is on a much wider scale. The Cefpodoxime terminates the harmful bacteria as they prevent the bacteria from creating the cell wall. Thus, it prevents the final inclusion of countless peptides inside the peptidoglycan molecules.

Now, the core of the bacteria is left exposed to the immune system cells. Furthermore, this makes the insides of the bacteria vulnerable to the extracellular fluid. This fluid finally conflicts with numerous bacterial chemical processes. Ultimately, it does away with the bacteria and thereby, improving your dog’s condition.

How Simplicef Proves Beneficial?

Simplicef, with its broad spectrum of cephalosporin, brings in an array of good effects to your dogs. Let’s see how these drugs can be a boon to your dogs:

Infections are treated promptly:

The way that the Cephalosphorins worked matches that of the penicillins. In fact, their action or the process they perform inside the body of your canine is quite similar. Thus, you can say that they are also having the properties of antibiotics, in the way that they are antibacterial.

However, the Cefpodoxime can treat both the Gram-positive and the Gram-negative bacteria that their ancestors could not treat. So, Simplicef is a compound which can treat a wider and fiercer range of bacteria and that too, quite fast.

The Dosage and the Administration of the Drugs:

The powerful action of this drug makes it a standalone treatment for your dog. With Simplicef, you don’t need to administer your pet hour by hour. Besides, due to the long plasma half-life of Simplicef, your dog can easily go through a dosage of once-a-day. The plasma half-life can be stated as the time the drug takes to be halved in terms of its active ingredient.

Hence, if you monitor Simpicef once in a day you can still be assured that its active ingredient, Cefpodoxime will be thriving still until the next dosage.

Exceedingly Comfortable:

Infections or discomfort, as you might say can see your dog getting really low. Your pooch might eat well, neither rest how it should. But, with Simplicef working faster than you could expect, your pet would be a lot more lively.

Learn About The Side Effects Of Simplicef

As it is in case of all the antibiotics that you could think of, even Simplicef has its own set of side effects. The most common altered effects that you could see on your pet are:

  • Vomiting of your dog, which might turn bad and take the form of nausea.

  • Your dog might experience diarrhea.

  • You might spot the existence of mucus and blood in the stool that your dog might excrete.

  • Bruising or bleeding might be discovered which you might not justify.

These are quite common and you can see these occurring in every other dog with few exceptions. However, apart from these commonplace side effects, your dog might also be prone to go through allergic reactions. Remember, your dog shall easily be hypersensitive to Cefpodoxime. In case of an allergy, your dog shall immediately be brought to the notice of a vet. Look out of these set of reactions:

  • If your dog is short of breath or undergoing through spasmodic breathing.

  • If you see your dog fainting.

  • Unexplained rashes or hives sprout out of your dog’s skin.

  • If your dog seems to swell on its face, tongue and/or its lips.

Take care of your dog, so that, if it suffers from any infections, it doesn’t go through the trauma of the allergy which Simplicef might ensue.

As you are already familiar with the drug Simlicef, its benefits and how the drug works for your pet, it is advisable that we should also mention things that you should know about Simplicef.

Simplicef: What You Need To Know

Know that Simplicef can be categorized as a broad spectrum antibiotic. Simplicef is primarily advised for use on the dogs that are undergoing through the skin, soft tissue infections or wounds leading to one. It is also very useful in treating the infections of the urinary tract, respiratory tract and the ears.

simplicef for dogs

Furthermore, Simplicef is approved by the FDA. Moreover, it is available in 100 and 200 milligrams of tablet formulations. These tablets are best administered with food. This also guarantees abetter absorption. The therapy when it comes to Simplicef should be at least of 5-7 days. This shall not exceed more than 28 days. Mostly, the vets advise on the continuation of the therapy for an additional 2-3 days after the last day that you have observed the symptoms on your pet.

In conclusion, as you go through the article in full, you would definitely be expert enough to treat your dog by yourself. But, if you monitor any discomfiture of your pet or you are unsure, do positively consult your veterinarian.

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