Know The Schedule Of Puppy Shots For Your Little Pup

puppy shots

The puppy shots initiate at the age of the 6-8 weeks of the puppy. If you take our puppy from any organization, then make sure that your puppy has received the vaccine. Even, it received, then confirm which one is applied. This information is vital to give the proper vaccine to your pet at an appropriate time. It will help to create a structure on the vaccine series from initial puppy shots to the booster shots.

For 6-8 Weeks:

If you have a puppy, then Between 6-8 weeks age of the puppy needs to start the vaccine series. So, you can follow the step to avoid any conflicts during the vaccination. We are going to discuss the puppy shots as per the puppy’s age.


It is a core shot which protects against the Distemper as well as saves from the Adenovirus. So, It helps to avoid the infections Hepatitis and save your dog from Distemper.


Canine Distemper is a harmful and fatal virus which attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal as well as the nervous systems. Moreover, it leads the coughing, diarrhea, and vomiting like chronic diseases. The incubation period is from 1-2 weeks to 4-5 weeks, and the lethargy becomes noticeable at the primary stage. Not only that but also it causes the footpad to thicken as well as harden which is known as “Hardpad” problem. As a result, you might notice that your pet is getting weak and losing the consciousness that causes the paralysis and often death.

puppy shots

Canin Hepatitis is another contagious virus that affects abdomen of your dog. It attacks the liver, kidneys, lungs as well as it has a harmful effect on their eyes. The Adenovirus causes the liver disease of your pets in the form of hepatitis. Vomiting, a slight fever, pain around liver as well as the liver enlargement are the primary symptoms of this viral infection.

Your dog can overcome the mild form of the disease, but it causes death while it becomes severe.


You need to use the D2AP as a survival vaccination. It helps to improve the immune system of the dogs and prevent secondary infections. Moreover, they get energized to fight against the Distemper virus.


It is a non-core vaccine which is not mandatory for all dogs. It is given at the age 6-8 weeks if necessary. Different types of vaccinations are used under this section. You can use this vaccination either intra-nasal, oral or injectable ways if it requires.


Sometimes, you might notice your dog is suffering from tracheobronchitis, kennel cough like the severe diseases. It can be caused by bacterial and viral infections. Both of the Bordetella and Canine Parainfluenza are responsible behind this disease. Thus, your doggy loses the appetite, and the tendency of the vomiting becomes high as well as it includes the multiple infections. But, it spreads quickly among other dogs kept closer together through the kennel.


If you notice a severe issue in your dog, immediately give the vaccination otherwise it is not mandatory. But, it becomes dangerous if you ignore it, even causes death.


You can avail two types of Canine Flu vaccines which help to protect against various kinds of Dog Flu. You need to give the vaccination while it is at either 6 weeks or 8 weeks. It depends on the types of the vaccinations and depending on the immune system of your pet. The virus transmitted through air or direct contact, especially the dog starts coughs and sneezes. The contaminated clothes, bowls, beds, and other communal surfaces are responsible factors behind this disease.


Canine Parainfluenza is one of the most dangerous virus-infected diseases which causes the Kennel a cough like a contagious disease. Moreover, this tracheobronchitis infection causes coughing and fever like a mild problem. It creates a common old and cough problem, and other symptoms. However, it is not a dog-life threatening disease.


You can use the booster if the symptoms become longer than 2-4 weeks. Then, you need to consult with a veteran and give a booster if necessary for the best protection.

Not only puppy shots are sufficient for your pet dog’s treatment. You need to maintain some of the rules after vaccinations.

After 1 week of dog’s vaccinations, your pups needs to be clean and requires a checkup with the vet. Moreover, you have to consult with the doctor about the dog’s health and talk about if you can see any behavioral changes on it.

If your puppy starts to meet with another known or unknown healthy dogs, then you can see its behavioral changes. The nearest parks, gardens, etc. are the meeting zone of the pets. As a result, it becomes more socialize than previous and helps to develop the mind as well.

For 9-12 Weeks Of Age:

You need to follow the same vaccinations as your pets had received at their 6-8 weeks age. Moreover, you need to keep a gap between those vaccinations. This vaccinations regularities improve the growth as well as your dog’s health sector. However, you need to maintain the grooming process as your buddy is now at grown-up age.

You need to take care of him/her especially while it becomes unconsciousness due to the health issue. Otherwise, your doggy becomes lazy as well as the immunity power will decrease gradually.

Additionally, you need to clean your puppy as well as make habituated playing with the know dogs. Otherwise, it becomes aggressive if it gets a bad company. Your doggy needs a socialization visit for grooming purpose. Therefore, it learns how to express if it is facing any problem relates to the heath which needs to improve your doggy’s health.

In 12-16 Weeks Age:

You might continue to the vaccinations which your pet received from ts early age. But, the dosage might vary according to the ages. However, you need to add some of the vaccinations which control the anger, hunger as well as the desired level.


Rabies is one of the viral diseases which invades the central nervous systems of your pet. You can give this vaccine if your pet is over 12-13 weeks as well as you have to maintain the state government regulations.


Your doggy will suffer from a headache, anxiety-like significant problems. Another problematic factor you might notice in your pet which is a fear of water. It has a long-term effect on their lives. Even, it causes the paralysis, hallucinations, etc. and makes the dog weak. In most of the cases, it causes death.


The treatments within a few hours of infections must require. Otherwise, the blood vessels will be infected, and it becomes vital from a mild disease. Your doggy needs a rabies vaccination, and you have to consult with an experienced veteran. The dosage of the Rabies must be maintained as per doctor’s prescribed.


Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection found in the soil and water worldwide. You might not see any specific symptoms behind this disease. This disease can be spread by drinking contaminated water with mud. Sometimes, it comes from contact with the rodent urine.


This virus can be spread from animals to the people. When your doggy is affected, then it starts vomiting, loses appetite, and becomes gloomy. Besides this, diarrhea, abdominal pain, jaundice like severe diseases effect causes harmful effect on their bodies.

puppy shotsMoreover, muscular pain, kidney failure, liver failure like problems arise gradually. Not only that but also infertility becomes a significant issue in its life. As a result, your buddy loses its energy as well as decrease the quantity of the urination, as well as thirst, is reduced.

Another important thing you should remember, the disease can quickly spread from the animals to human beings. So, you must be careful about your dog’s health as well as need to pay extra attention to your health.


Antibiotics are useful as a survival of the Leptospirosis disease. But, you need to consult with the veteran about which is the best way to give that vaccination (either Injection or through medicine). It may vary based on the doctor’s decision.

Lyme Disease

Lyme is another infected disease which caused by the Spirochete virus. It is one kind of the tick-borne disease transmitted through ticks. If your pet bites an infected tick by chance, then the chances of the Lyme disease become high.


The infected dog starts limping and the body temperature rises. Thus, his/her food habit changes and even your dog might stop eating.

Moreover, you might notice kidney failure, heart disease, joint pain which leads to neurological disorders. Thus, your pet becomes weak gradually and suffers from the unconsciousness. It may longer than 6-2 months.


Antibiotic is very helpful to overcome this viral infection. But, without proper guidance of a veteran, overdosage will be dangerous for your pet. You need to give the Lyme vaccine to get rid of this infected disease.

Moreover, you need to maintain the steps to make it more habituated and socialized. Because in this stage the socialization is the most crucial part of their lives. You need to avoid the daycare centers as well as parks which are entirely dedicated to dogs. Furthermore, visit more different places, obviously not a dirty place, starts sidewalks, let it free with the known dogs. Thus, it becomes happy and removes the distress easily.

At 15-17 Weeks Age:

It is the time of puberty of your little buddy. At this stage, you don’t need to play much attention as you ake before. However, how much you groomed until 14 months from its breeding will be promoted at this stage. So, he needs freedom at this stage, nothing else.

Final DA2P Booster:

It is one of the combo shot for your adult pet. The chances of Adenovirus and Distemper infection become high at this stage. This booster was core vaccine up to 13 years, but now it becomes optional to the doggy. You have to pay a little extra attention before injecting this vaccine.

puppy shots

So, you need to inject the Distemper combo which will protect against the Parvovirus also. It is the final step of this vaccination. So, the dosage might be high as usual. the best way to take proper guidance from the doctor and confirm the dosage.
Lepto Booster and the Lyme Booster both play as the non-core booster. So, don’t apply if it is not necessary. In case of emergency, you might consult with an experienced veteran and save your little buddy.

However, you need to give full freedom after a week of the final booster. Now, your doggy is strong enough to fight against any chronic disease. Moreover, it is not ell groomed to save itself from others. So, you can allow your buddy from the sidewalk to meet with the other doggies without any hesitation.


In the above article, you get an idea on how to take care of your buddy from little to the adult age. Moreover, you will learn the schedule of the puppy shots and its importance to its life. Furthermore, we hope by going through the puppy shot schedule carefully helps to avoid the significant diseases easily and keep your pet healthy.

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