How To Find A Lost Dog

If you own a dog, you may have come across a situation where your dog has gone somewhere and you can’t find it anywhere. Most of the time, you will see the dog just after a few minutes. But if that is not the situation, then it’s a matter of concern for you. According to a survey, less than 16 per cent of the missing dogs come back to their rightful owners.

Most people know one or two ways to find their furry buddies. If you come across such a situation for the first time, then it is really a bad experience for you. But nothing to get worried for you. There are a lot of ways to find your favourite pet. If you are searching for ways regarding how to find a lost dog, then you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to provide some tips which can help you to find your lovable buddy!

Best Ways To Find A Lost Dog

Follow the below tips to find your lost dog:

  • Search Inside The House:
  • Ask Your Family Member:

When you cannot find your favourite pet then at first, you need to check with the family members. Sometimes it happens that the dog is hiding somewhere in the room or one of your family members has taken the dog outside for a walk. Or else you can ask anyone of your family members when they have last noticed the dog.

  • Draw The Dog Out:

Our canine buddies always like food. So try to draw him towards you by shaking the food bag. Walk around the house with the container so that the dog can hear the sound of the food bag and can smelt the food.

  • Search methodically:

When you have established that the dog is not in plain sight, then you need to start the search inside the house methodically. At first check, every room very carefully. After that, you need to look under the bed and in the closets. Confirm that you have checked each of your bathrooms, cabinets and rooms very carefully. Never forget to find your canine buddies behind and under the furniture.

  • Look At The Unlikely Places:

If your dog is scared, then it must find some unique places to hide. Check the appliances, behind the refrigerators and the drawers as well. Also, you need to find areas like the water heater closet. The dog can also hide behind the footrest of the reclining chair. Do not forget to check the bookshelf.

  • Call The Dog:

Call with the name of your canine buddy. If the dog is sleeping in any corner nearby of your house, then hearing your voice it will definitely come back to you.

  • When The Pet Is Not Lost, If It Is Stolen:

If the dog is stolen, then it’s more traumatic than getting something stolen by a thief. Some thieves steal dogs for several reasons. There are some thieves who can use the dog as a gift. Some dog becomes the personal pet of the thief. They also can sell the dog for quick money, even over the internet. Puppies or purebreds which look expensive are most often stolen. Breeds like Pomeranians, Bulldogs, Yorkshire Terriers, etc. are the frequently stolen breeds by the thieves. So you need to keep your favourite pet safe from thieves. Follow the steps below:

  • If the dog likes to stay backyard alone often, then you need to secure the fence.
  • Make sure that the main gate is not only closed but also is locked most of the time.
  • Do not leave the dog alone outside when you are away from home.
  • Try to stop your canine buddy to move around freely around the neighbourhood.
  • Sometimes we tie up the dog outside unsupervised at the local tea shop or anywhere else. Try to avoid this. Never tie the dog outside unsupervised. For a thief, it only takes a few seconds to loosen the dog’s leash and take the dog away.   
  • Never leave the dog in an unlocked car in the parking area or keep the windows down.
  • Always attach an ID tag with the dog’s collar chain. Else, you can put a reward tag on the dog’s collar chain with your contact number.
  • Always carry some latest pictures of the dog with yourself. Also carry the legal documents of the owners like the bill of sale, legal adoption papers and so on.
  • Start To Search The Dog Outside:
  • Begin The Search As Soon As Possible:

There is always a better chance to find the dog in the first 12 hours after the escape. According to the owners, nearly 90 per cent of the dogs can find out when the owner search for the dog in the first 12 hours.

  • Use The Name Of Your Canine Buddy:

If your favorite pet knows his name and likes to respond with its name given by his parent, then do not forget to call by that name while you are searching for your lost pet. This adorable name provides the dog with an audible beacon to locate where you are. Suppose you call your canine buddy by ‘Tommy’ and ‘Jimmy,’ then try to call the dog by using both of the names alternatively.

  • Take The Food Bag With You:

Food is such a great motivator for your pet. So when you are going to search the dog outside your house, then carry the bag of the food. When you are out to find your favourite pet, then you need to shake the bag.

  • Use The Calm:

It’s better to search outside with the food bag or with the name of the dog when it’s entirely outside. You can search for your pet in the early morning so that the dog feels better to come out. It may happen that the dog come out in front of you for food.

  • Search Like A Detective:

Check the signs of the footprint of your canine friend. Find the prints in the feces or in the mud. See if you can find any snags of fur. These clues will help you to search the dog better.

  • Look High & Low:

Sometimes the dogs find a safe place to hide like the burrow under any porch, or it climbs up on the top of the car. Or the dog may hide behind the sheds. Dogs always find a small area for hiding, so you need to check all the enclosed spaces. You may find difficult to search there, hence, you can use a touch light with a high flash. Also, find the dog under the bushes. Never forget to look behind while searching for your canine buddy.

  • Listen Carefully:

You need to listen to all the sounds around you. It may happen that the dog is barking. Sometimes your canine friend leads you to her if you stop and look.

  • Leave The Favorite Item Of The dog At The Outside:

You can put the favorite toy of your canine buddy outside your house. It can lead the dog towards home. You can also leave your scent or leave a shirt outside. It also can draw attention of your canine friend out.

  • Think About The Recent Events Of The Neighborhood:

Find at the buildings which are newly constructed. The dog can find shelter inside those newly constructed buildings. It also happens that, if any one from the neighborhood has moved from this area, the dog may crawl into their moving van.

  • Use The Car:

If you are tired after searching for your loved one in the locality and fail to trace your dog then use your car to search the dog. You need to drive slowly to cover each and every corner of the road. As you drive, keep calling your pet by it’s name.

  • Go To Further Afield:

Some dogs start to run when they get out from the house. On the first day, you need to search upto one to two miles from your house. But a dog can run a minimum of 10 miles. So once you search nearby, y you need to explore further afield.

  • Ask For The Help:

Seek help from people while searching for your canine friend. Ask for support from the family members, neighbours and from your friends as well. Consult with them regarding how to search the dog in a systematic way. Always be connected with those people. Doing this, you can search your pet in a proper way.  

  • Ask The Neighbors:

Your neighbour can help you out in this situation. It is such a great source of help to find the dog quickly. The neighbours may have seen him at any particular street. So you need to ask anybody and everybody to trace your pet. Do not forget to carry a recent photo of your canine friend. Show the picture to your neighbour.

  • Contact With The Local Shelters:

Notify the local shelter that your dog is missing. Then the members of the local shelter will begin an extensive search. You can also contact private agencies as well. Now visit the local shelter and the private agencies every couple of days.

  • Check On The Veterinarian Clinics:

You can check the local clinics to confirm that the dog was not brought injured to another clinic.

  • Be Safe While Searching:

Avoid searching at night. Do not forget to switch on the flashlight and cell phones while searching for your pet.

  • Continue The Search:

A dog can survive for a long time outside the house. So never give up, keep trying. It may take too much time. So keep searching for the dog.

  • Advertising For Your Favorite Pet:

  • Put Up The Fliers:

Take the recent picture of the dog and print out the flier. Use a brief description, the name of the dog and your phone number. Never forget to mention the area from where the dog went missing. You can also specify the date.

  • You can put an important message like ‘LOST DOG’ at the top of the flier. Try to keep the rest message to the point.
  • Try to use a colour photo of the dog instead of any black and white photo. You need to select a picture where you can clearly see the face of your pet.
  • Try to use a bright colour paper to print the flier. It can help you to draw attention to the passerby.
  • You need to offer a reward to those who can find your dog. It can motivate people to search for it.
  • Post those fliers at restaurants, stores or at the telephone poles. Post these fliers within a radius of one to two miles where the dog can run away.  
  • Use The Internet:

Use the websites to post ads of your missing dog. You can use the sites which are used for the local classified advertising like Craig’s list. You can also use social media to post the ads. Post the ads with the picture of the missing dog. Ask your friend to share the ads. The more people you will reach, chances of getting your pet back will increase. Do not forget to leave the post to the public.

  • Use The Newspaper:

Print your advertisement in the newspaper. You need to use the classified section of the paper to post the ads for this purpose. Try to keep the message in short. But you have to keep the news to the point. Include the picture, name of the dog, vet name and your contact number with the ads. You can also offer a reward in this post.

  • Avoid The Scammers:

When someone calls you and say that he has found the dog, then take someone with you to meet with that unknown person. Before the meeting, ask the person to describe your favourite pet thoroughly. Carefully listen to every information he provides. Try to meet with that person in a public place. Avoid meeting in the evening. Do not give the reward to any unknown person before getting your pet back.

  • Check The Posts:

You need to check the shared post regularly. If someone responds to the ads, then you need to contact him/her immediately.

  • Prevent The Dog From Getting Lost Further:
  • Use The ID Tag:

Print the name of the dog and its vet, your contact details on the dog’s tag to prevent any further problems. In this case, if someone finds your missing pet, it’s easy for him/her to connect with you. Do not forget to update the information on the dog’s tag when you add/change any information.

  • Get The Help Of The Microchipped:

You can insert a microchip at the back of the dog’s neck. This is an excellent ID proof. Any vet or any shelter can scan the microchip. This can be used to find the detailed information you have provided at the dog’s tag. Always keep updating the label. When the dog gets out from the house and the collar tag is loose, then the microchip can help the vet or the shelter to connect with you.

  • Close Up The Escape Point:

Confirm that there is no gap at the backyard of the fences through which the dog can escape. Also, you need to be careful when you open the gate, make sure that your canine buddy is not waiting to get out of the house.

  • Try To Use A GPS Microchip:

Purchase a GPS tracking tag and attach it with the dog’s collar. When you cannot find the dog, then it can help you to track the dog quickly — use the cellphone to trace the missing dog. It is an advanced option, but the microchip is better than it. Yet both come with the same technology.

  • When You Get Back Your Favorite Pet, Then You Need To Look It Over:

When you get back the dog, then examine whether there is any physical damage. Try to find any injury or cuts on the paws. If you find any injury, then you need to contact your vet.

When your canine friend returns home, then it might be thirsty and hungry. So you need to give some food to your favourite pet.

On The Whole:

That’s it! If you are having a query regarding how to find your dog, then these are the best ways to find your missing dog. In this article, we have provided all the possible steps to find the dog. We hope, this will help you to find your lost friend.

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