Pregnant Dog: Signs, Care & Preparations During Dog Pregnancy

how long is a dog pregnant

Caring for a pregnant dog demands responsibility as well as celebration. If your furry friend is pregnant with a surprise litter, and if this is her first pregnancy, then it may seem like a remarkable adventure. In this article, you will get clear guidance based on the knowledge of expert vets on what to expect when your dog is expecting. It is indeed a challenge but a special one when it comes to comforting your faithful buddy who is ready to give birth.

how long is a dog pregnant

Before you start with the process, there are several conditions that you must consider before you dog even gets pregnant. Make sure both intended parents are healthy. To ensure a healthy and fit litter, keep the vaccinations up-to-date and deworm your dog. Proper veterinary care can determine whether your dog needs a C-section or not. It is an expensive procedure but in an emergency, it can save the life of your adult dog and her puppies.

However, if you have never planned for a breeding process and have recently rescued a pregnant mother, then a regular follow-up is required. Whatever be the cause of the pregnancy, once you are stocked up, you are entirely ready to proceed to embrace tiny paws of joy.

Care And Management Of A Pregnant Dog

Let us start with answering the most essential questions, like, how long is a dog pregnant? How prolonged will be the gestation period? What to feed her? Luckily, dogs are very intuitive animals and do not expect much assistance. As for the record, a dog’s heat cycle consists of four stages such as proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus. The gestation lasts roughly from 58 to 68 days, that is nine weeks and each trimester counts to 21 days each, in general. Ultrasound or X-ray can help to ascertain about the verifiable pregnancy and the size of the litter.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Confused about the early signs your dog is pregnant? Now, coming to the early signs of a pregnant dog, it includes lethargy and very rare morning sickness. It is not at all easy to overlook these behavioral changes and symptoms for long. Nutrition is of the utmost importance; so, a healthy diet and proper exercise are typically recommended in the initial stages.

When the pregnancy proceeds to the second trimester, then you might monitor certain external signs. With advancing days, the mother dog starts to gain weight. This is when you need to increase your dog’s food intake to roughly double that of the normal routine. Consider using supplements to support the mother at this stage and alongside consult the veterinarian to know what suits the best for your dog. A shot of calcium along with a shot of oxytocin can be injected if the necessity arises during whelping.

Final Stage And Later Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs

As the expected delivery date gets closer, it is time to get ready for the later signs of pregnancy. Initiate by preparing the whelping box in a comfortable part of your house and encourage the dog to sleep there. During the final days, you might get the opportunity to see puppies moving in the mom’s belly. As your dog walks, you may see that the belly sways back and forth and continues to grow to an extent. Take your dog for a regular checkup and one fine day, the visit will become bewildered with the news that the puppies are all set to venture into this world. The dog might develop a voracious appetite but be aware not to overfeed her as it can lead to complications. Prepare to struggle with a picky eater, in the final pregnancy stages but do not forget to maintain a healthy diet.

how long is a dog pregnant

If your dog randomly exhibits symptoms of vomiting, urinating more frequently, licking hindquarters, refuses to intake food, along with excessive shivering and panting, then it is less than 12 hours that you will have new members in your home. You can also confirm it by checking the temperature, which will drastically drop to 98 degrees from 100 to 101 degrees. The dog becomes restless and may show nesting behavior, open mouth breathing and then finally comes the time to deliver pups. Ordinarily, the head of the puppy comes out first and then follows the rest of the body. However, if your dog is underweight or in the whelping stage for the first time or has suffered from abortion during previous pregnancies, then you require warranted medical interventions.

Take Care Of Your Pregnant Dog And Be Patient

It is indeed a scary experience but a marvelous one too to get the honor of being at the time of your dog’s delivery. You will get to understand how extraordinary are motherly instincts that they can handle the birth alone. Still, complications come without any warnings in which case, reach out to the vets to deliver the pups. As you welcome the bunch of adorable puppies, do not forget to take care of their post-birth needs. Calcium supplements along with mother’s milk work the best after delivery. If your dog is a bit old, then its time to neuter her. Lastly, breeds do not matter and all puppies are exceptional in their own way, so shower your love equally.

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