All About Kennel Cough In Dogs: Know How Long Does Kennel Cough last?

how long does kennel cough last

If you are a dog lover, you must be wanting to have more of them. And dogs are indeed the most adorable of all pets. Dogs get easily domesticated and what’s best is that they easily become a part of your family. In fact, dogs can be your best companion and friend. In fact, if there is a child in the family, then you can not possibly ask for a better playmate for your child.

how long does kennel cough last

However, all is good if you can handle your dogs with care. those who already have pets are already aware that having them is not an easy task. This is because you will also have to ensure them with proper care. In case your dog is not given proper care, he/she can suffer from life-threatening diseases, such as kennel cough. And in case your dog suffers from such diseases, the only concern that worries you is “How Long Does Kennel Cough last?” However, you may be carefree about such issues as we provide you with a detailed guideline about what you should do in such cases.

Brief Overview

Dogs especially are most susceptible to diseases and infections. Therefore, if you wish to domesticate them, you need to ensure that you are versed properly with the diseases and infections that dogs generally suffer from. So that you can detect the symptoms and provide them with proper care. On this note, we are going to talk about kennel coughs.

This is one of the most dreadful infections that are often detected among dogs. For those who are not familiar with the disease, fear not, you are no the only one. There are in fact not many who are aware of such a disease. Therefore, you can put aside your worries as in this article we shall discuss at length about kennel caught in order to give you adequate information about the disease.

What Is Kennel Cough?

As it has been discussed above, not many people are much aware of kennel coughs. It is only due to lack of proper awareness that people often confuse it with normal coughs. In plain words, kennel cough is the other name for infectious tracheobronchitis.

It is an infection in the upper respiratory organ among dogs. Dogs normally suffer from this disease due to viruses as well as bacterial infection. it is also known as Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex or Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis. The disease is extremely dangerous and can prove fatal if it is not timely detected and given proper treatment.

What’s worse is that kennel coughs are highly infectious. The disease might affect your dog’s windpipe, lungs or vocal chord. Usually, puppies, unhealthy dogs as well as geriatric dogs are susceptible or prone to the disease.

Causes of Kennel Cough

One of the most pertinent questions that can strike you is what causes a kennel cough? To answer your question, multiple infectious agents that dogs normally come into contact can cause such diseases. The most common infection among dogs is the Bordetella Bronchiseptica.

This accounts for the reason why you can also refer to kennel coughs as Bordetella. If in case your dog is suffering from kennel coughs, it can last up to 10 days in normal cases. However, if the disease is at an advanced stage, then it can also stay for around 13-14 weeks. In most cases, the disease is caused as a result of bacterial infection.

Kennel Cough Symptoms

If you are wondering what are kennel coughs symptoms like, then we are here guide you with the most common symptoms. But prior to discussing the symptoms, it is important for you to detect the source of the disease.

That is to say from where your dog has caught the infection. This will further help you keep your dog under observation. For instance, if you have taken your dog to the yard or a nearby park and have left him with the other dogs, and he starts coughing within a couple of days or within 2 weeks after that, then in all probability your dog has taken infection form some other dogs with the similar disease.

Coming back to the question of what are kennel coughs symptoms like, Fever, lethargy, discharge along with a hacking cough are the most common symptoms. However, detecting the disease might be a problem for you as dogs do not show too many symptoms. Therefore, you will have to observe your dog very carefully indeed. Below we discuss some of the common symptoms in detail.

A Dry Cough:

This is one of the most common symptoms of kennel coughs. In case your dog suffers from the disease, you will find him/her coughing hard. However, it is not a normal cough. A cough is rather dry along with the frequent discharge of mucus. Also, you can detect that from the noise of a cough itself.

Kennel coughs are normally noisy with a considerable honking sound. In case your dog suffers from the disease, he might as well as be suffering from coughing fits. The dogs usually suffer from constant, persistent coughs that may often continue non-stop. A cough is indeed the most discomforting symptom of the disease.


This is another sign of the disease. It is quite natural that your dog will not catch a fever if all is ok with him. Therefore, if your dog develops fever, do not undermine it. It may be that your dog has contracted a severe infection, which can also turn into kennel coughs as well.

In fact, what is most alarming is that at times dogs with kennel coughs appear completely healthy and fine apart from the only symptoms that they keep coughing non-stop. This is, in fact, the only reason why people tend to ignore such symptoms. However, if you also detect fever then that might be an indication for the disease.


This is another common symptom of kennel coughs. If you fail to detect a cough early and consequently the disease lasts for long, then your dog might develop later. This is yet another symptom of the disease in question. Therefore, if you notice any change in your dog’s behavior as well as food habits, then you need to bee a bit cautious and observant indeed.

Hence, if your dog loses out on appetite or in case you observe a lack of enthusiasm, decreased motivation in the normal daily activities, it might be because of the disease. However, you may have a problem if the symptom does not show. Actually, not all dogs suffering from this disease reveal signs of lethargy untill it is too late.

Nasal Discharge:

Water discharge from eyes and nose is also a common trait of the disease. In most cases, the water discharge is clear. However, in some rare cases, th discharge might be whitish and a little cloudy.

Kennel Cough Transmission

As we have already discussed above, kennel coughs are highly contagious. However, in this section, let us look into the mediums or the agents through which the disease can spread. The major transmitters of kennel coughs are stated below:


It is known to all that infections are most rapidly spread through an air and kennel cough is essentially an airborne disease. One must not forget most diseases are carried by air and as such, whenever, a dog sneezes or coughs in the open, a lot of infectious bacteria is discharged at once.

These bacterias are enough to contaminate the air. Among millions of bacterias, the aerosolized bacteria remain viable for hours. These bacterias carry the disease through the air and wreck the upper part of the respiratory organ.

Contaminated Objects

Kennel coughs largely spread by means of contamination. In case your dog comes in direct contact with the containers previously used by an infected dog, then your dog has all chances of taking in the same disease.

Therefore, do not let your dogs urinate in the open and most importantly keep a strict check on the containers your dog is using. Don’t allow your dogs to use containers already used by another dog in order to ensure safety.

Direct Contact With An Infected Dog

It is not that simple to domesticate dogs or for that matter any other animal. You need o to ensure proper health and hygiene. Therefore, ensure that you keep a strict watch on your dog’s whereabouts. Kennel coughs are contagious diseases and so if it comes in close contact with an already infected dog, then your dog may also suffer from the same.

You must also take due care of the things that your dogs use. Another important agent that could be potential transmitters of the disease is veterinary hospitals. This is so, because, numerous dogs with a similar disease is kept in close quarters in such places. The only precaution that you may again in case your dog is sick is to alienate him apart from the rest.

How Long Does Kennel Cough Last?

If you see your pet suffering from such a fatal disease, it is natural for you to be immensely concerned. Under such circumstances, the only concern for you is how long will the disease last? This indeed seems the million dollar question under such a crisis period. Now, essentially speaking, this can vary, depending upon how well you manage to treat your dog.

This is to say that if you are able to detect the malady at the initial stage of its occurance, then, your dog night recover within 3-4 weeks only. In fact,  dogs do recover that first. However, in case your little puppy suffers from the same, then it might take slightly longer time to cure. Usually, old dogs and puppies take around 5-6 weeks to recover

Besides, the dog may continue to carry th germs of the infection for several months after the initial recovery. So, to be close to th approximate span of recovery, your dog may take around 3-6 weeks to recover entirely and be completely out of danger.

Methods To Prevent Kennel Coughs

As it holds prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, if you are a pet lover, you must certainly follow the proverb. Kennel coughs are not only life-threatening, but it is also an extremely painful disease to bear with.

So, once detected with the disease your poor dog needs to go through frequent vaccinations and medication. Therefore, it is best to take proper precautions beforehand so that your dog is spared the torment. Thus, in order to prevent the fatal disease among your dogs, you need to undertake several pet care facilities.

However, undertaking preventive pet care measures are not so easy. Firstly, pet care facilities are pretty expensive and besides, it’s not simply the cost that matters. You also have the potential risks of an outbreak, the consequence of which can be literally disastrous.

Unfortunately, while undergoing pet care facilities, if the infection of a kennel cough breaks loose, it can wreak havoc. Such a disastrous disease may lead to the shutting down of the business leading further to huge financial losses. Usually, if a dog is infected with kennel coughs in the course of undergoing the pet care facilities, it tarnishes the reputation of the business, leading to loss of referrals and eventual breakdown of the business at large.

However, as it holds, every problem has a solution. Here are the ways in which you can ensure that your pet care business is proactive and advanced enough for combatting the disease. Below we cite two such measures that one must try out. Also, both these measures have also been implemented. Therefore, you can relay onthe methods we suggest as both these methods are tested.

Follow A Strict Disinfection Routine:

This is the most vital measure in order to ensure proper safety for your dogs. Ensure that everything that your dog comes in contact with is properly disinfected. This holds true especially for the utensils as well as the towels and napkins that you use for your pet. You can use various surface disinfectants as well as sterilizers for disinfecting the equipment. This is indeed the first and yet the fundamental step towards the prevention of Kennel coughs among dogs.

Air Sanitization:

All the veterinary shops, grooming salons clinic, pet shops, and other pet care facility shelters must have a proper air purification system in order to eliminate the bacterial infection. You should remember that the disease is primarily an airborne one.

Therefore, disinfecting the air is indeed the most crucial measure. In order to ensure increased effectiveness for the pet care facilities, you can also avail the pet pathogens that are specially designed for the purpose of pet care facilities.  

Treatment of Canine Kennel Cough  

The first thing first, you need to keep in regular touch with veterinary in case you domesticate a dog. In case you notice any unnatural behavior in your dogs, you must consult the veterinary without any ado. However, since we are discussing the treatment of kennel coughs, let us first learn about the process of diagnosing the disease.

Canine coughs, which is only another name for kennel coughs is usually diagnosed by veterinarians by means of bacterial cultures as well as by conducting a blood test. This helps in the early detection of bacterial infections, which enables the vet to ensure proper treatment of the infected dog.

In case they fail to diagnose the disease in their initial attempt, they can take recourse to other methods of diagnosis. For instance, veterinarians can also conduct an X-ray of the infected dog’s lungs, chest as well as trachea in order to detect the disease. Once the disease is properly detected, the rest of the proceedings follow thereafter in its normal course.

Besides this, there are also various homeopathic medicines for effective prevention of the disease. These treatments include normal medications, vitamins, herbs, honey etc. You can also give antibiotics. However, if you do not wish to apply antibiotics, then you can also apply for herbal medicines to your dogs for the prevention of th disease under discussion.

Vitamin C is essentially effective for small puppies. So, if you give your puppies 125-50 mg of Vitamin C twice each day to your puppies then you can easily prevent such disease among them. For older dogs, of course, the measurement will vary a bit. Estimated, 500-1,500 mg will be ok. However, you will also have to be a bit cautious while giving Vitamin C. You need to ensure that your dog drinks enough water for the easy digestion of the food.

Final Take

Therefore, it must be clear by now that a kennel cough might be a fatal disease which lasts for long enough. However, it is not without recovery. In case your dog falls a victim to the disease, do not worry. Enough treatment and medication are available and therefore you can easily cure the disease. We understand that dogs and pets are very precious to you.

how long does kennel cough last

So, it is quite obvious that you do not wish to see them in danger. In this regard, you can follow our article thoroughly as it is surely going to help you enough. We have tried to provide all the relevant information that you require to know in order to keep your canine friend away from the disease. So, shed away your doubts read through the article through and through and avail proper safety measures to prevent your dog.

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