Homemade Cat Food: Benefits, Recipes & More

homemade cat food

For cat owners across the world, trimming down to the safest food options has always been a dilemma. This is particularly difficult for cats who are known to be extremely moody and demanding. There are several commercial stores that market kibble and canned foods. Earlier, when there was not much awareness, people would willingly opt for these for feeding their cats. But with time, several health issues came into notice are pretty painful for the cats.

These ill-effects of canned food and kibble include inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes. This is the reason why lately, thousands of cat parents have switched to homemade cat food. Being a cat owner myself, I have seen the benefits of this switch-over in real time as my kitten’s health and temperament improved drastically.

homemade cat foodNow, homemade cat food can be mainly of two categories- raw and cooked. Both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, these alternatives are way better than the canned ones at any given day.

Keep reading this guide to know more about what your cat’s diet should contain and also learn some incredibly easy and tasty homemade cat food recipes. After all, cats aren’t smart enough to comprehend the importance of health, and all they care about is the taste. So, being their owners, you need to make the perfect blend of delicious and healthy homemade food for your kitty.

Essentials Of A Cat’s Balanced Diet

Owing to the growing incidence of pet food scares in recent years, several owners have taken the turn towards making fresh home food for their cats. While some decide on a raw diet, others opt for cooked homemade food for the kittens. Veterinarians and cat owners have divided views over this.

But the truth is, regardless of the type of homemade food you choose for your cat, it has to be correctly balanced in terms of nutrients. This is why making homemade food for your cats can be difficult and time-consuming. Also, you need to make sure that every ingredient is fresh and free of any sort of bacterial contamination. Take a look at what all must be present in a cat’s diet keeping in mind its obligate carnivorous nature:


  • Proteins from meat, fish, etc. 
  • Amino acids, also from meat and fish. These amino acids must include taurine and arginine. 
  • Fatty acids 
  • Minerals 
  • Vitamins 
  • Water 
  • Carbohydrates in the form of rice or bread can be added only in small amounts as it is not a compulsory requirement in a cat’s diet.

Pros And Cons Of Raw Homemade Cat Food

According to some vets, raw homemade food is not a good choice as it always has the risks of contamination. For owners who feed raw food to their cats, be aware of animal-to-human disease transmission, food safety, and contagion issues.

There are other variables as well that advocate against the use of raw homemade food. For example, if the owner goes out of town, the raw food might be out for long enough to allow bacterial growth. There is also a high chance of slip-ups if one ingredient is misplaced.

homemade cat foodOn the upside, the incidences of mishaps with raw homemade cat food are quite less. Several cat owners have been feeling a raw homemade diet to their cats for years now and are extremely satisfied with the results. It is also cheaper compared to the other options and takes a lesser amount of time for the preparations.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Cooked Homemade Food For Cats

Take a look at some of the risks of cooked homemade cat food:


  1. It is often difficult to get the balance and proportion of nutrients precisely right. 
  2. Also, while storing the food, you need to take necessary precautions to avoid bacterial contamination.

Despite these risks, cat owners have accepted cooked homemade food with open arms. This switch-over essentially came into effect after melamine poisoning in canned cat food. So, without a doubt, homemade food is a safer and cheaper option anyway.

Ingredients To Avoid In Home-Processed Cat Food

The very first thing that goes in this list is chocolates. It causes stomach irritations and abdominal pain in your cat companions. Also, avoid garlic, onions, raisins, tomatoes, raw egg whites and grapes.

One essential fact that must be mentioned in the wake of the critical “vegan movement” is that while you can thrive solely on vegetables, your cat cannot. As stated earlier, it is an obligate carnivore, and this is an evolutionary fact. So, do not even think of chucking meat and fish out of your cat’s homemade diet.

How To Make Homemade Cat Food? Try These Brilliant Recipes

For making things easier for you, I have mentioned two recipes for raw food as well as cooked food for your cats. I can vouch given my personal experience that these two healthy homemade cat food recipes are great for your kitten. However, you have to be careful while preparing it and cautious while storing the same for further use.

Recipe For Raw Homemade Meat Diet

This particular recipe can provide food that is enough to feed your cat for at least 12 days. However, it might vary depending upon the size and appetite of your cat.


  • To begin with, take a big bowl and add 3 pounds of rabbit, fowl or any other white meat. Use the bones as well along with the organs and skin.
  • Next, add a cup of water and 2 eggs with the raw yolks and lightly cooked whites.
  • After that, add 2000mg of salmon oil followed by 400 IU of Vitamin E capsules, 100mg of Vitamin B complex and 2000mg of powdered taurine.
  • Next, you need to add a pinch of salt for enhancing the flavors as your cat deserves food that is healthy as well as tasty.
  • Finish the preparation by adding 4 ounces of liver and a bit of Psyllium. Add Psyllium only when you are introducing raw homemade food to your cat for the first time.

Healthy Cooked Meat Recipe For Cats

If you are just switching to a cooked diet for your adult cat that doesn’t have any medical complications, you can try this particular recipe. It is advised to use a dietary gram scale for weighing the ingredients, just until you get accustomed to the correct measurements. As stated earlier, getting the balance right is crucial for your cat’s health.

You need to mix the following ingredients:


  • A protein source which can be either cooked dark meat chicken, beef, pork, salmon or tuna. You need about 83 grams of protein in this recipe. 
  • Next, add 50 grams of carbohydrates in the form of either cooked white rice, barley, corn, peas or oatmeal. 
  • For fibers, add 30 grams of cooked sweet potato without the skin. 
  • Now, adding fat or not is optional and entirely up to you. In case you choose to add a bit of fat, include 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil or fish oil. You can also go for the vegetable and safflower oil alternatives. 
  • Finally, add 2.7 grams of a commercially blended vitamin mix. 

These were the two basic homemade cat food recipes that you can try without any second thoughts. Several cat owners have incorporated these recipes in their cat’s diet and have benefited immensely from the same. So, why don’t you as well make this healthy switch for your kitty’s sake?

Some Excellent Homemade Recipes To Treat Your Cat

Here, you will find some relatively easy-to-make and healthy recipes that you can prepare at your home. You can use these for lunch and dinner as well as in the form of little snacks for your fur-baby.

Tuna Patties

For this, take a cup of fresh tuna and half a cup of boiled rice. Along with that, you need 1/4 cup of pureed liver followed by some chopped parsley.

First of all, you need to mix all the ingredients together, make balls from the mix and beat them into the shape of patties. Feed it fresh to your cat or store it in the refrigerator for future use.

Salmon Delight

To make this treat, you need fresh salmon, 1 tablespoon of cooked and mashed broccoli, 1/4 cup of whole wheat bread crumbs and 1 teaspoon of brewer’s yeast.

All you need to do is mix all the ingredients in a bowl and then serve it to your cat. You can refrigerate it as well, but only up to 3 days.

Sardine Treat

homemade cat food

This is a favorite homemade snack for several cats. In order to make this delicious homemade cat food, you need 1 bowl of sardines in oil, 2 tablespoons of grated carrot and 1/3 cup of cooked oatmeal. Once you have assorted all the ingredients, combine them in a bowl, mash well and serve it. You can refrigerate the leftovers, but you must discard it after 3 days.

So, hopefully, this ultimate guide to homemade cat food recipes will be of considerable help to you. Make sure you are aware of the benefits and risks of every ingredient that you use and try to maintain a strict balanced diet for your favorite cat companion.


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