How To Fight Against Ear Mites In Dogs

ear mites in dogs
ear mites in dogs

If your dog is behaving in a weird manner and he/she is scratching the head and shaking it frequently, then it might be ear mites. Otodectes Cynotis i.e. the ear mites are arachnids and they belong to the family of spiders and ticks. The name itself is describing the act of the tiny creature. In this place, I would like to add that though the creature is tiny in size the problems they create are not.

Ear Mites And Their Impacts

As I said before these mites are very small creatures. These are contagious and easily spreads from one infected dog’s ear canal to another dog close to him/her. Ear mites prefer to live in a dark, warm and moist places. So they choose the dogs’ ear canal. In this article, I’m going to give you the full information on ear mites in dogs, and how to save your dog from the problem. They are not so clearly visible to the human eyes.

Demodex is one of the common mites that causes a bad effect on the skin around the ear. But they don’t cause infections in the ear canal.

Know The Causes Of Ear Mites

Your dog can get ear mites in him/her from another animal of your house, especially, cats.

The life cycle of the mite takes three weeks. You can see eggs feed on the dog’s ears.

The General Symptoms Of Ear Mites In Dogs

  1. Itching is one of the prominent symptoms of dog ear mites.

  2. You can see a dark, crumbly reddish-brown discharge from its ears.

  3. Because of the itching, they scratch their head vigorously.

  4. They would suffer from wound and inflammation.

  5. Even the ear mites can infect the other parts of the body of the dog

What To Do For The Treatment Of Ear Mites

The first thing to do is to examine the ear canal of your furry friend. It should be done by the vet. After an otoscope, the discharge of the presence of mites will be spotted.

A thorough ear cleaning is the next step. After that the application of one approved products for dog ear mites problem, e.g., selamectin, moxidectin or imidacloprid. They are generally against a range of the parasite.

Fungal infection needs proper treatment to keep the pet healthy. To complete the treatment the steps that you should follow

Clean The Ears Properly

To do the treatment properly the first solution is to clean the dog’s ears. And to do that follow the instructions given by your vet. For sure, the ear cleaner given by the vet will help you to kill the mites as they contain effective chemicals.

Effective Ear Drops For Your Pet

To fight against any kind of bacterial infection the dog needs some antibiotics too. For that, your vet may prescribe ear drops for your loving pet.

Use of Spot-on Chemical To Treat The Dog

For long-term results, vets recommend a spot-on chemical to put it on the skin on the back of the dog’s neck.

Prevention Of Ear Mites

If ear mites are present in the outdoor environment it is next to impossible to prevent them. But, there is a possibility to limit the problem out. And, the most helpful two ways are a regular ear cleaning for the dog and if you see any kind of discomfort in him then take him to the vet. Check other pets regularly. And, make sure that the bedding of your dog is properly clean and dry.

Can Your Dogs Spread Ear Mites To Humans

It is unheard that anyone has caught ear mites from dogs. But there was a vet who got infected with the ear mites at the time of research.

Wash your hands thoroughly after treating your dog’s ears. In this way, you can help yourself to protect yourself.

Why Ear Mites In Dog Need A Proper Treatment

It is necessary to treat this ear mite problem to give your dog a problem-free life. Because of those filthy ear mites your dog will suffer from distressed itchiness and pain. With that, if you leave it without any treatment they will cause some serious problems further.

As the dogs continuously scratch their ears to get rid of the ear mite problems might cause open and dangerous wounds.  A deep infection can lead to hearing loss. Inside the ear flap, a huge bubble of blood can form if the dog shakes his head hard. And, if it bursts the dog has to suffer the most.

If you find these symptoms in your dog it is the time to take the dog to the vet.

Which Dog Needs Treatment

If you have pets more than one then it is quite sure that your vet will instruct you to treat all of your pets including the ones that have no symptoms.


ear mites in dogs

These tiny parasites are very annoying and for the lack of proper treatment it can cause extreme pain, agony and at last the hearing loss. The symptoms are scratching, flapping, rubbing, shaking of the head hard, and even a brown gunky wax in ear canal be found.

If you love your pets genuinely then immediately after watching such symptoms go to the vet as soon as possible. You should not wait for the time of emergency. The treatment of an ear flap hematoma or infected wound will prove itself costlier than the early stage veterinary treatment.

The proper treatment will keep your dog healthy and happy.

Hope the article will help you to fight against these annoying creatures. Without any hesitation state your valuable thoughts on the comment box. Thanks for visiting us. Wish good health of your furry friend.

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