Dog Vomiting Blood: A Complete Analysis With Proper Treatment

dog vomiting blood
dog vomiting blood

Vomiting blood in dogs is medically named Hematemesis, which are caused by a number of reasons. Irritation of the stomach or intestines triggers to bleeding which can ooze blood with vomit. This is a fatal problem for your dog. Any type of injury in mouth or lungs can expulse the blood with vomit. Don’t worry, it is a common problem in pooches. Let’s move to find out its proper solution through this article.

An Analysis Of The Condition

Here, we are going to provide a synopsis regarding the issue. Also, we shall discuss symptoms, types, causes, diagnosis, and lastly the probable prevention.

Symptoms And Types Of The Disease

Blood in vomit may be caused due to various reason, but it does not necessarily signify that it’s going to die. Blood may come in the clot form as well. Symptoms also include loss of appetite, lower abdominal pain, and melena etc.

Loss of blood may lead the dog to a low amount of red cell count. Due to a lower amount of red cell, heart murmur, weakness, and a quick rise of the heartbeat may occur.

Causes Behind Hematemesis

Some possible reasons why a dog’s vomit may contain blood are as follows:

  • A stomach upset due to an unbalanced diet

  • Colitis that means an infection in the dog’s colon.

  • Due to internal parasites like roundworms

  • If any bacterial infection occurs

  • Cancer

  • Due to allergy

  • Low immunity power is another reason

To put it simply, there are some health issues with your dog. Be serious about the possible causes.

The medical conditions that could cause your dog to throw up blood include:

  • Stomach cancer Tumors of the stomach or esophagus Stomach ulcers (which can be caused by some medications)

  • Kidney disease Liver disease

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Heartworm Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

  • Toxin ingestion (certain plants or heavy metals)

  • Parasites Bacterial or viral infection Gastritis (chronic or acute severe vomiting)

  • HGE or Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

  • Clotting disorders (ingestion of rat poison can cause improper clotting)

  • Trauma (including eating something that injures the gastrointestinal tract, also called as foreign body ingestion).


When your favorite dog is vomiting blood then you need to do a proper diagnosis. Here is what you have to do.

  • Proper X-ray checkup at first.

  • Then go for the dog’s blood, urine, stool, and fecal tests.  

  • If all reports are fine after that go for a cancer checkup.

After completing all the 3 above-mentioned test you should detect the main culprit. If you still could not find the main reason then you need to contact a veterinary specialist immediately.

Treatment Procedure

There are various treatments if your dog erects blood with vomit. Does your dog vomit every morning after eating anything or in an empty stomach before eating? It is a common problem.

However, if your dog has been vomiting with blood multiple times in one day then it could be sick or may have eaten something bad. Is your dog hungry and pooping and peeing normally? If so, that’s a good sign. Could your dog have eaten something poisonous like medication, antifreeze, rodent poison, etc? Or, swallowed an object like a sock or string? then consult with a doctor.

  • If your dog seems otherwise normal but is just vomiting after an episode of ridding itself of something then the biggest concern is dehydration. Dogs can go days without eating if they are sick, but they can die from dehydration in just a day or so.

  • If your dog is not drinking fluids, it will become more dehydrated, which makes way nausea in the worst case. A vet suggests feeding your dog with the broth of boiled chicken, which is more enticing than plain water. You could also try adding a little electrolyte solution to the water. This may keep him going until the next day when the rehydration will help him restore his appetite.

  • Most dogs can also have Pepcid, Pepto Bismol, or omeprazole to help with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and acid reflux, but you need to check the dose with a veterinary.

Proper Living And Management

A good hygienic diet is recommended after getting just a cure from hematemesis. The diet should be low in fat as well as low in fiber but high in carbohydrate and lean protein. Low in fat will help the stomach to digest properly and lean protein helps to enhance the body power quickly. Consult a doctor for the proper food chart.

I recommend giving proper boiled chicken with white rice, which is a proper combo to heal your dog.


dog vomiting blood

Vomit with blood is a huge issue you need to take prevention before happening this fatal disease. If you want preventive measures against a disease for your dog then follow the below points:

  • Give routine vaccinations.

  • Deworming with the help of medicine.

  • Know the signs of illness so you can spot something wrong earlier.

  • Feed them on a balanced fresh diet, water ad lib etc.

It’s the best one can do to prevent the disease. If you want to prevent something that’s already happening then you are not qualified to do that. Go to a veterinary physician immediately. The physician will help you.


You will get a basic idea, when your dog will vomit with blood, from this article. There also some prevention steps provided to avoid the problem in the future. Don’t forget to stay updated with us. Keep your dog healthy and fit.

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