Cat Behavior: Know The Behavioral Problems

cat behavior
cat behavior

We all like to spend time with our furry friends. When your cat rubs against your legs you just feel happy. Because it is hard to win a cat’s trust. But all time you may not like the whole behavior of the cat. The cats also experience the lethargy, anxiety, fear, pleasure, and many other feelings like humans which affects their behavior. The cats have some common behavioral trends which become problems, and it can affect the way of living of both the cats and their owners.

When you are noticing any strange behavior of your pet for the first time, then it’s really an irritating moment for you. There is a lot of ways to correct the behavior of the cats. So, following the ways you can correct the cat behavior easily. In this article, we are going to explain some common strange behaviors of the cats and how to correct them.

Some Common Cat Behavioral Problems

There are several reasons behind the strange behavior of the cats. Don’t try to discover the complicated reasons, because it’s not necessary that one single reason may cause for any particular behavior. To know the cat behavior issues you need to follow the below article.

  • Chattering:

When the cat spotted any birds while glowering out of the doors or windows, then the cat emits acute and fast teeth towards the bird. Because the cat is frustrated that he/she can’t get outside to hunt the target. The cats get very excited at this time and also slightly provoked.

According to some cats specialist, this strange behavior may be a natural instinct of the cats. It helps their muscles to be more active to hunt and kill the target. Or this behavior can be normal behavior of your feline.

  • Scratching:

Sometimes when the cat wants to play or wants to clout its territory, then they started to scratch themselves. Also, the cat is doing this to work off the energy. So, you do not need to compact for the jagged furniture and don’t stop the feline to express its natural behavior. But if you are worried about this behavior, then you can prevent the damage results from scratching.

  • Buy some scratching posts for your pets and try to teach your cat to use those scratching posts.

  • Trim the claws of your feline friend. If the cat gets daunting, then get a quick guide from the veterinarian. A veterinarian can easily trim the claws.

  • Turn the attention of the cat into a fashion plate which is colored with nail caps.

  • Aggression:

Due to the absence of socialization, illness or maternal protection, sometimes cats become aggressive. In this situation, to deal with the aggressive behavior you can try the following things:

  • Consult about this aggressive behavior with a vet. Due to the illness and pain, anybody’s mood can turn bad. So, any physical causes might be the reason behind the bad temper of the cat.

  • The male cats who are nebulous are more inclined to aggression than another cat. It can affect the behavior of the other cats if they stay together for a long time.

  • If the behavior of the cat cannot be figured out by the general vet, then you need to discuss it with a veterinary behaviorist. A veterinary behaviorist can help you to correct the aggressive behavior of the cat.

  • Night-time Activity:

Many new cat owners often notice the night-time activity of their feline friends. Try the below tricks to help your feline friend if he/she does not know that the night-time is for sleeping and not to play around.

  • At first, confirm that the cat has no physical issues. If your cat is in pain then you need to consult with a vet.

  • If the cat is just boisterous at the night time, then before going to the bed, you need to help the cat to tire up and try to relax it with a nice play.

  • Cats always going to sleep after a big meal. So, feed the cat his/her main meal. You can also play with the cat with the help of the food bowl with a timed feeder.

  • If the cat is a social sort then get its kitty companion.

  • Litter Box Problems:

Sometimes the cat decides that the litter box is off-limits There’s must be a reason behind this issue. Luckily there is a lot of ways to address this behavior.

  • Its necessary to have minimum one litter box per cat. If the cat has to wait to relief herself by standing in line, then it might decide to urinate at anywhere.

  • If the cat has urinary diseases, bladder stones or crystals in the urine then he/she might be the reason behind not eliminating. Then, you need to discuss this problem with your vet.

  • Always try to keep clean the litter box of the cat. When you are using any clumping litter then you need to change it on a daily basis.

  • Playing By Scratching And Biting:

Our feline friends always like to play. Through each kick, pounce, and swat the cats try to play. Sometimes, the cats get so playful with their owner playmate, then starts to bites or scratches which can get infectious. It is such a bad cat behavior. To put an end to the rough play of your feline friends follow the below tips.

  • Play with the cat at least for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day. Use the balls, catnip toys, bats, papers, and so on while playing.

  • Never encourage the cat to play with your hands, legs, nose or any other parts of the body.

  • If your feline friend bites or scratch you or anyone then do not punish it. Just slap it as a rough play.

  • Foiling Fleas:

If you noticed that the cat is scratching, licking, and chewing oftenly or losing hair then it might be due to the fleas. The most common and irritating Skinnerian Condition which troubles the pets often. You have to eliminate these fleas by anyhow. Do you know how to control these fleas? If you don’t, then you need to talk to the vet. You need to keep in mind that if one of the cats has fleas then it probably all the cats get affected by thses fleas. You can use some drugs which are especially for the cats.

  • Tackling Tapeworms:

As the fleas are the common parasite for your feline friends, like that, the tapeworm is a common pest for it. Because if there are fleas, then there must be tapeworms. Look at the cat’s anus. If you noticed any white worms at the anus or feces, then be sure that the cat has the tapeworms.

  • Yowling Of Your Feline Friend In The Heat:

When you keep a female cat in the heat, it will often become very vocal and yowling as it attempts to alert a potential mate of her fertile status. As well, a male feline may become talkative when it smelling or hearing a female cat stands in the heat. If the breeding season is going on then after every 18 to 24 days he/she repeats the yowling and other mating behavior.

In the 16 weeks of age, a female feline can get pregnant. But luckily it can be spayed at the age of 8 weeks. So, take your cat to a mating center.

  • Meowing:

cat behavior

To communicate with the owners or the other people the cat’s meow. This adorable method of communication mostly seen in the young kitten to grab the attention of their mother. So, when your feline friend meow in front of you, then it’s a special mode of communication between the cat and human. In this situation, do not encourage the meow of the cat by responding it. But the cat is too much meowing, then you need to ignore it and respond to the cat when it is quiet.

  • Swishy Tail:

To interact with the other cats or with the people cats always use their body language. They use the tail as an important part of communication. To shows the anger and play cats swish their tail as well. It means he/she is going for an impending attack. When your pet cat holds the body too low and the tail starts to swish, then it indicates that the cat probably about to pounce. Then, you need to turn the attention of your feline friend to a toy.

On The Whole

In the above article, we have mentioned all the behavior of your feline friends. We hope, following this guide you will easily understand the behavior of the cats and it will help you to correct that behavior in a proper way.

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