Cat Spraying Problem | Know How To Stop Your Pet From Practicing This Act

cat spraying

As a cat owner, you have to keep in mind several things that your pet does willingly, unwillingly or accidentally. One such thing that can quite annoy you is the issue of the cat spraying, which can occur both inside and outside of your home. Before resolving this problem of your pet, you must know the reasons behind this act of your cat. In this article, it will help you to understand the causes that can lead a cat to spray urine within your house and even at the outdoors. Also, it will discuss a few effective ways to make your cat stop urinating at inappropriate places near you. Hence, check this content for more info on this spraying issue and resolve the problem like a veterinary expert.

How To Stop A Cat From Spraying Around Your Neighborhood:

To know how to stop a cat from spraying indoors and outdoors, first understand a few important points. So, let’s cover those topics in order to proceed with the tricks to deal with this urinating of your cat very easily.

Why Cats Practice This Spraying Act?

cat spraying

When it comes to urine spraying problems in cats, it has everything to do with scents of these animals. The odor plays an important role when it comes to communication between cats. Any smell that is unfamiliar to your cat is treated as an outsider or out of his/her territory. Hence, it’s one of the major behavior of cats to remember or mark their areas by urinating on a horizontal/vertical object at any particular spot.

Other than spraying, cats often mark their territory by means of rubbing or scratching a surface with their claws. You might often catch them doing these acts inside as well as outside your living space. This way they try to leave behind their scents to identify the place.

Additional Reasons When Your Cat Spraying Urine Unnecessarily:

So, the issue of cat spraying not only happens because of marking their territories but there are several other reasons. Let’s check a few of them to understand this behavior of your cat before discussing the steps to resolve it.

Your Cat Might Has Medical Issues

cat spraying

If your cat is suffering from any medical or health-related problems, it can lead to frequent urination. Especially, this behavior is noticed mostly among the male cats, who keep spraying due to urinary tract infection. Your cat might suddenly stop urinating in the litter box due to some kind blockage and try to comfort their genitals by licking it. So, you must stay alert when you find your cat suddenly crying out of nowhere during urinating. It can be a sign to let you know that the cat is having troubles while passing the urine.

Note: Any kind of urinary tract blockage or problem can be painful for your cat. If you don’t treat it sooner or take them to a proper veterinary specialist, it can lead to organ damage and even death. Also, keep in mind the diet of your cat during this phase, as it can turn worse without prior warning.

The Cat Might Spray Due To Stress

Cats are usually very happy and mischievous creatures. Hence, you mustn’t ignore signs when you find them unusually spraying around the house. If your cat is undergoing some stressful situation and doesn’t know how to express it, then he/she might behave this way. Also, your cat can have spraying issue if they are getting old. You must also look for any household or environmental changes that can lead to your cat spraying urine frequently.

This includes bringing a baby, a new pet, or an unfamiliar cat/animal nearby to them. Even if there is nobody at the house or your cat has been starving for long hours, they can keep up spraying.
For these issues, you can also consult a veterinary doctor who is experienced in treating cat stress issues.

It Can Be The Mating Behaviour Of Cats

In addition to territory marking, stressful situation, and medical condition, your cat can show this behavior during the mating season. Hence, your cat can show an extreme urge to spray inside and outside of the home. So, if you are dealing with an unneutered grown cat, you must look for neutering them to fix this problem.

Apply These Methods For Stopping Cat Spraying Problem:

cat spraying

As discussed in the above sections, all cats do some level of spraying in their neighborhoods. Some let you know about it, whereas there are cats that performs this act mostly outdoors. So, if you suddenly find your pet spraying and it’s causing nuisance in your home, go through this write-up to resolve this problem. In order to understand how to stop a cat from spraying indoors and outdoors, check these simple things you can try.

Make Sure Your Cat Is Neutered Or Spayed

Mostly you will find out that the male cats who are un-neutered are the culprits who repeat this spraying act. However, female and older cats can also show this behavior. In order to stop this undesirable act, you can choose appropriate sources to spay or neuter your cat.

However, it’s best if you do this before the cat turns 6 months old.  Only then, it can cure the spraying problem before he or she hits the puberty. Even though there is a still a small possibility that your cat can keep spraying occasionally after this. Hence, you can check out the other solutions to resolve cat spraying.

Help Your Pet To Remain Calm And Prevent Anxiety

It is important that your cat remains happy and relaxed most of the time to spray less. Hence, you must shower your pet with a lot of attention and spend time with them. You can also gift them cat toys and other furniture to keep them engaged and be playful. If they still show some signs of being under extreme stress and continue spraying, check the next solution.

Visit A Veterinary Clinic Or Cat Trainer

If no other things work, it’s best to consult a proper vet and cure the spraying issue. For cats who are marking their territories by urinating, you can appoint a trainer. Hence, make sure to get help from appropriate professionals to treat your cat with extreme care and overcome spraying

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