Best Tapeworm Medicine For Dogs: Keep Your Furry-Friend Healthy

tapeworm medicine for dogs
tapeworm medicine for dogs

A tapeworm is a flat, segmented, parasitic worm which lives in the intestines of animals. It is almost ¼ – ½” (3-5 mm) long. Just like the roundworms, tapeworms also live in the intestinal tract freely. It connects to the wall of the small intestine with the help of its hook-like mouthparts. Two clinically crucial juvenile tapeworm infections, cysticercosis, and echinococcosis occur from accidental ingestion of tapeworm eggs.

The most common tapeworm species in dogs is Dipylidium Caninum. The larvae of the tapeworms develop in fleas that consume the eggs. Another dog tapeworm the hydatid tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus can cause serious, life-threatening disease in dogs. An infected dog will shed many thousands of eggs in its droppings.

In case if one of these eggs contaminates food and is consumed it will form a hydatid cyst somewhere in the body. Most of the times it affects the liver, but the lungs and brain are other likely locations. Each cyst is filled with larval tapeworms, and the cysts have been recorded up to 10 cm across. Echinococcus Granulosus cysts usually infect sheep and goats and are spread when dogs are fed infected sheep or goat. Most common tapeworm species in dogs is Dipylidium an, this tapeworm’s larvae develop in fleas that consume the eggs. So, if your pet is suffering from such a problem, then go through this article to know about the tapeworm medicine for dogs.

How Do Dogs Get Tapeworms?

If your dog swallowed an irreversible flea in the environment when infected eggs are released. Once inside the larvae, the egg continues to grow because the tapeworm becomes an adult. During the reaction of a flea bite, the dog can eat infected flea and complete life cycle.

Are The Tapeworms Are Harmful To Dogs?

Tapeworms are usually not serious health issues for dogs. Seldom the dogs will drag them into the ground, behaving like shooting, so that he/she can endure the irritation. But in the case of puppies, the tapeworm infection can be more serious. Due to its, some severe diseases arise, such as lack of growth, intestinal blockages, anemia, etc. Sometimes, the head of the tapeworm or scolex separates from the intestinal barrier, and the entire grown-up tapeworm will pass in the wastes or vomited up.

Signs And Symptoms Of Tapeworm Infections In Dogs

There are some common signs by which you can identify whether the tapeworms attack your dog or not. In case if you notice any symptoms that are mentioned below, then you should go to a veterinarian’s chamber and consult with the experts.

Vomiting: This is the most common sign if the tapeworms attack your pet. In many cases, dogs that have worms, want to throw up very often.

Less Energy: If you notice that your pet becomes lethargic and less active than usual time or don’t want to go outside for walking or playing then it could be a sign of tapeworm infection.

Hair fall: By any chance, if you find that your pet is loosing much hair than normal times, then you should consult a vet and do what does he/she suggest.

Itching or skin irritation: If your dog starts to show itching problem or skin irritation then it may have a severe infection of tapeworm. In such a case, you may find scars and patches in the skin of your pet. But in most of the times, if it is treated properly, then it can be curable.

Dull coat: If you notice that your pets cot has become dull and thin then seem that your pet is suffering from tapeworm disease because a healthy dog has a thick and soft coat of fur.

What Should You Do To Get Rid Of Tapeworms?

If you are unable to determine what type of worms attack your pet, then monitoring these symptoms can help resolve whether your pet needs intestinal treatment. The first and foremost thing you need to do is, take your pet to a vet for appropriate treatment.

The vet will give your dog worming medicine for the correct weight. It is very important for your dog. Give him/her the medicine as directed. If your pet is very small, or very young, then extra care should be taken when giving the dosage of medicine. Because it can make the puppy very sick. It is better to get good advice from a qualified veterinarian.

Deworming drugs are easy to administer, but they can have nasty short and long-term side effects on your dog. Especially if you are using them regularly. Furthermore, they don’t get rid of the fleas in your carpet so your dog will quickly become reinfected.

The safest, completely nontoxic solution is to use Diatomaceous Earth (DE). You need to buy the food grade variety, which is available from any e-commerce site. It’s incredibly useful stuff made up of the ‘shells’ of diatoms – single-celled algae living in both fresh and salt waters all over the world. The cell walls or ‘shells’ of diatoms are made of silica, which is like shards of glass but on a microscopic level. Any insect or bug that walks through Diatomaceous Earth is doomed.

How To Use Diatomaceous Earth?

tapeworm medicine for dogs

At first, buy Diatomaceous Earth. Wearing a dust mask, sprinkle it over your carpets and use a broom to get the dust down into the fibers. You can also use it on your dog’s bedding but wash the bedding before sprinkling. Leave the DE down for a few days then vacuum thoroughly. Flea eggs and fleas that were living in your carpets will be gone.

You can also carefully massage Diatomaceous Earth into your dog’s fur, taking care to avoid his nose and mouth. Finally, it’s also safe to mix a flat teaspoon of DE into your dog’s food. Make sure it’s mixed into wet food, so there is no dust for the dog to breathe in. Do this every day for one week. The DE will rid your dog of all intestinal worms. If your pet has a big infestation keep the DE treatment going for a month to make sure you catch the developing worms as well.

Home Remedies Of Tapeworm Infection

As the alternative treatments, some home remedies are also helpful for preventing tapeworm infection. Here you can follow the section as stated below.


Garlic is considered one of the best home cures for healing tapeworms in dogs. Garlic contains sulfur and volatile oils in it. These compounds help to kill the tapeworms from your pet’s body. Thus, at first, you need to combine garlic powder into your pet’s food. You must continue the process for two to three weeks, and after that, you can notice a marked improvement in your dog’s wellness.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds can also be a very useful cure. First, you need to crush up the seeds and serve them to your pet before every feed. You can feed your pet between a ¼ teaspoon and one teaspoon of pumpkin seeds depending on the size of your dog.

Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is another one that helps your pet to cure of tapeworm infection. All you need to do is add one teaspoon of wheat germ oil to your dog’s meal. Continue it for almost one to two week.

Oregon Grape juice

Oregon grape juice is also as effective as the above ingredients. You need to feed your dog six drops of Oregon grape juice for every 10 pound that is equivalent to 4.5 kilograms of the body weight. You need to take twice a day.


Kefir is a good fermented food suitable for the dogs. Hence, you can use coconut kefir or raw goat milk kefir. You need to provide small dogs one tablespoon each day. For medium dogs one to two tablespoons each day. And for large dogs two to three tablespoons each day. Else you can also add to the meal or serve as a snack.


Papaya is another one that is very useful for tapeworms infection. Papaya contains papain. It helps to combat worms. This enzyme is also very necessary for dogs.

Bone Broth

Bone Broth helps to boost up overall digestive sytem of your pet. It also supports the immune system and removes the worms. For an extra boost, you can add some aloe juice with the broth.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) also helps to prevent tapeworm disease as well. Hence, you should use raw, unfiltered, organic vinegar. Take one-fourth to one tsp per day in your dog’s water. You can mix the vinegar with the food also. It will create a more alkaline digestive system that’s less attractive to parasites.


So, these are some of the home remedies you can try. If your little puppy is suffering too much, then take him/her to a vet first. Try these home remedies with the prescribed tapeworm medicine for dogs.

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